Top 4 Best Fireplace Tile Ideas – modern interior design

Top 4 Best Fireplace Tile Ideas – modern interior design

fireplace tiles ideas

If you are lucky, one that has a fireplace in your house. The cozy season is right around the corner, and what good way to upgrade your fireplace? We have gathered these fireplace makeover ideas for you to consider, plus 4 fireplace tile ideas to get you started.

Add a Tile Wall

Consider making an even larger design impact by tiling the entire wall surrounding your fireplace. A tile accent wall is often the only interior element you need to make a space.

Tile the inside and nearby flooring

Fireplace flooring tiles can add a focal feature to your space. If you have a decommissioned or purely enhancing fireplace, tile the inside of it! The tile inside fireplaces is a stylish way to enhance a non-working fireplace. 

Fireplace Tile Ideas

Black Tile Fireplace

There is something especially cozy about a black tile fireplace surround. Darker colors create a more intimate mood, and flames really pop when contrasted with black tile.

White Tile Fireplace

White is very on trend! And we love the white tiling around the fireplace which has been installed in a very random and irregular way which makes the whole installment look more organic.

Blue tile fireplace

Looking to make a statement with your fireplace surround? A blue tiles fireplace might be just what you need. Blue tiles work with many color schemes but still stand out enough to make a strong design impact.

Gray Large Tiles

Choosing larger gray tiles rather than smaller ones can be a big asset when designing your space. Large tiles can appear seamless much more easily. Additionally, bigger tiles can give the illusion that your fireplace is larger than it is, which is always a bonus.

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