Add Contemporary Texture To Your Space with Lycos 3D Tiles

Add Contemporary Texture To Your Space with Lycos 3D Tiles

3D Tiles

Want to add luxurious appearance to your space? If you want to add a contemporary and modern  texture to any place, Lycos Ceramic bring series of 3D tiles for you. These tiles are mainly made up of porcelain material and come in  different variants too. Beach, hills, diamonds are some of the hottest 3D tiles designs available at Lycos.Whether it’s your living room, kitchen, or bathroom, add luxurious appearance with the help of 3D tiles.

3D Tiles For Living Room Wall

3d tiles for living room

looking for some living room decoration? The living room is the heart of the home. So, elevated this important space with an impressive feature wall accented with 3D tiles. This tile will look incredible when contrasted against light-colored furniture and accent pieces. The unique shape and textured curves will give any wall in your living room an artistic, sculptural look.

3D Tiles For Dining Room Space

3d tiles for dinning room

This is the only place of home where everyone gathers for meals and creates beautiful memories. If you thinking to add an elegant and striking component to this special area go for 3D wall tiles which give a contemporary edge to this area. These tiles look fantastic when matched with rounded table edges and sleek, comfortable chairs.

3D Tiles For Kitchen wall

3d tiles for kitchen

Here,3D tiles create bold impact without using any type of bold colors. The geometric shapes in these 3D wall tiles create a modern and energizing feel in the kitchen. Install it for the backsplash of the kitchen to make an impressive cooking area. Any form of 3D tiles will make your kitchen look rich and glamorous.

3D Tiles For Bed Room Wall

The bedroom is the place where we feel relax after a whole day’s workout. Make it more relaxing and comfortable with amazing creative 3D tiles. Select the appropriate color that best matches your furniture as well as decor themes.

3D Tiles For Bathroom Wall

3D Wall Tiles

If you’re looking for a new twist on a traditional style, decorate it with your artistic textured 3D Wall tiles. 3D tiles are perfect for areas like the backsplash, around the tub, or to cover the walls in your shower. The metallic tiles/wavy tiles/hexagonal 3D tiles on one of these bathroom walls give the bathroom a glamorous feel and add a more subtle texture to the walls.

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