What is the ‘omicron variant’ & its symptoms?

What is the ‘omicron variant’ & its symptoms?

omicron variant & its symptoms

The world is stunned over the emergence of a new coronavirus variant or omicron from South Africa.

There is tremendous concern over this as the variant is highly contagious.  

The world health organization is extremely wary of the new variant.

There is no clarity whether an omicron is similar to the coronavirus, there isn’t much information. Also, it is not known whether a variant is as severe as the coronavirus, where the existing vaccines can offer protection against it, and whether the same methods of testing can be used.

The who said they will make an announcement after a few weeks of research. The reason for the emergence of omicron is because as compared to other countries, South Africa has hardly vaccinated any of its citizens this enables the virus to spread and mutate into the omicron.

Several countries have also banned travelers from south Africa as its neighboring nations because of the threat of omicron infections.  

However, still it has now popped up in several other countries, leaving governments around the world scrambling to stop the transmission. 

The omicron cases have been reported in  11 countries these are Australia, Italy, Germany, the Netherlands, The united kingdom, Israel hong kong Botswana, Belgium, Switzerland, and Canada. 

Governments are under a lot of stress to manage the outbreak an Indian man who had recently returned from South Africa has tested positive for the coronavirus after arriving in Chandigarh.  

government officials are very concerned about this one of his family members and a domestic help has also tested positive for covert 19  tests are being done to check whether it is the omicron variant. 

Researchers in South Africa and around the world have come up with some information about the new variant.  just like the coronavirus has some symptoms so does the omicron. let me tell you about them

Omicron symptoms

  • Patients infected with this strain show extreme tiredness. this is not limited to any age group. 
  • Patients have dry coughs a lot of body pains and night sweats.
  • There is no major drop in oxygen saturation levels like that of coronavirus patients.
  • Patients infected with the omicron strain have not reported a loss of taste or smell like the previous covet patients.
  • They have only complained of a scratchy throat.
  • According to researchers only a  few patients have reported a slightly high temperature.
  • Most patients of an omicron strain have recovered without hospitalization.

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