Jazz Up Your Interiors and Exteriors With Brick Tiles

Jazz Up Your Interiors and Exteriors With Brick Tiles

Brick Tiles Design

Tiling is a lovely idea for house décor, but many people ignore it due to its installation process. we have multiple ways to jazz up walls, starting from selecting poster tiles, using 3D Tiles, their patterns, and brick cladding patterns. The natural look and rustic color of brick tiles make any area luxurious and style your home perfectly. Jazz up your interiors and exteriors with brick tiles, as with the minimalist effort they give the result will be both beautiful and durable.

 What is Brick tile?

Stone cladding/Brick tiles  is an artistic layer made of real or simulated stone. These tiles are made up of using natural materials like natural stones, granite, sandstone slate, etc.

Brick Tiles Benefits:

  • Brick tiles come in a variety of colors, textures, and patterns, This gives elegance and a sense of history to your home.
  • Apart from the look, it acts as a protective layer on walls and also maintaining the temperature of your home.
  • One of the major reasons for using brick tile is their ease of installation. It can be installed on any per-existing wall, floor, or surface, both inside and outside of your house.
  • Moreover brick tiles are easy to maintain. Once these tiles have been installed in the area, forget about their continuous and regular maintenance.It can be easily cleaned with a little damp cloth and rub lightly.
  • The Brick tiles price range is available to all budgets also affordable that suits everyone and all pockets.
  • Brick tiles last for decades. The color of the Brick tile does not fade and loses its quality over the year so that it looks as good as new. In comparison with  Glossy tile, shiny tile fade or lose its shine over time.

Application of Brick tiles:

Brick-looking tiles are a luxurious and durable alternative for your home. They are very versatile; you can use them in the library, living room wall , kitchen backsplash, bathroom, laundry room, etc. You can also install them on floors. Here are some great tips/ideas for using brick-looking tiles in your home.

Brick For Interior Walls

1)Brick Tiles For Room Walls

Brick Tiles

Create a good first impression by capturing anyone’s attention with this beautiful, stacked arrangement of tiles. The thin, rectangular pieces of tiles of different heights and widths are fitted together and give the room a busy feel.

2)Brick Tiles For Kitchen

Brick Tiles

Who said kitchens designed only for functionality? If you want to add a classy touch then a brick wall cladding idea is best for you.

Apply this as a backsplash in the kitchen; it will create a minimalist monochrome look.  

3)Brick Tiles For Bathroom

Brick Tiles

Bathroom decor is slowly becoming a hot trend in India and you can use this brick wall cladding idea here as well and enhance the look.

Did you know the other application of brick tiles? If yes then take a look…!!!

Brick For Exterior Walls

Yes,you have heard it right. The natural monotone color and texture of brick tiles add a fashionable statement to your home exteriors.

1) Brick Tiles For Garden Walls

Brick tiles

Outdoor areas are the best place to bring your wall cladding design ideas to life. Lycos Ceramic offers you a vast range of alternatives for exterior stone cladding that can enhance the beauty of the exterior and add durability. 

2) Brick Tiles For Entrance Walls

Brick tiles

Your house entrance indicates your personality and class! Adding warmth to the external wall of the house by applying brick cladding at the entrance creates a beautiful focal point.

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