What are the Advantages of Large Format Tiles?

What are the Advantages of Large Format Tiles?

Advantages of Large Format Tiles

If you are interested in buying tiles for your house, a redecorator, or any type of construction, you have surely asked yourself the question, small format or large format? Frequently, when we are in the phase of selecting tiled, we tend to see ourselves highly ensured about what kind to choose. Any type of porcelain tile will be a perfect choice, without any doubt, to pave any surface, interior or exterior. However, large format porcelain tiles offer a series of added advantages that you can advantage from if you select them for your new interior design project.

Sometimes, we think that when the room in question that we are going to pave, whether it is the kitchen or the bathroom, has a reduced dimension, it is good to lean over tiles of the small format. Nothing is further from reality, because, although the space is little, it is feasible to work with large format porcelain tiles and in addition, the practical absence of joints of the tiles provides an effect of greater spaciousness and hygiene.

The large format tiles offer a feeling of continuity in the area. This sense of continuity causes spaces to appear larger than they really are. But, this is not the only advantage, there are many more. 

What are large format tiles?

Also known as SLABS are wall or floor tiles that exceed the average 1200×2400 mm sized tile, with each tile relatively large space. You often see large format floor tiles in lobbies, supermarkets, and commercial spaces.

We will explain all the advantages of large porcelain slab tiles.

Aesthetic appeal

Larger tiles have fewer grout lines, thereby offering a smooth and visually appealing surface. Almost any space will look more open and expansive with large format tiles.

Advantages of a large format tile layout are particularly palpable in little spaces like bathrooms or efficiency apartments that often make people feel claustrophobic. Having large format tiles in showers also helps in this regard.

Large-format tiles can enhance a bigger room or open floor plan. But smaller tiles, with their many grout lines, sometimes crowd the space even if it’s otherwise uncluttered.

Wide variety of uses

Bigger surfaces give way to a large number of creative ideas regarding design since they offer a large number of uses. It is possible to use porcelain slab tiles for the design of the bathroom, kitchen, countertops, dining table, work table, many other ideas.

Large format porcelain tiles can be lightweight and durable

Did you know that many large format tile is made of porcelain? It’s because of the manufacturing process. Its composition is denser than that of other tiles because of how it’s stamped or pressed before firing.

So, as a famous large format floor tile, porcelain is quite durable and can be manufactured in larger sizes. Yet, despite the higher density and larger dimensions, porcelain tile is much lighter in weight than others.

These are some reasons for the use of large format porcelain tile. You can see them in both commercial and residential areas.

Maintenance and cleaning

Large format tiles cover a larger surface space per tile than smaller tiles. Because of these few grouts which means less time spent scrubbing to keep them clean. There is also less area for mould and mildew to build up.

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