Where to buy Bathroom Tiles?

Where to buy Bathroom Tiles?


Bathroom is something which everyone wants unique and magnificent. Bathroom Tiles is not a type of tiles but people use to call it, because its widely using term. In Bathroom tiles it self a many tiles included. Sanitary Ware, Bathroom Accessories and Faucets these are day to day usable things but bathroom tiles which is makes your bathroom superior and unique by your choice.

In the world we knew that there are more than 200 counties in which billions of people have trillions of thoughts so we can assume that they have a unique bathroom setup. In these days people wants something new everyday but local market couldn’t satisfied them because of lack of Experience, Man power, Market study, Design, Varieties and Quality. They are getting confuse day by day for what to choose.

They are suffering from many questions.

which bathroom tile are best ?

what bathroom tile are in trend ?

how much for bathroom tile installation ?

how much do bathroom tile cost ?

bathroom tile price ?

where to buy bathroom tiles ?

where to buy bathroom tiles ?

Let us help you.

What we offer in Bathroom Tiles ?

Does quality is first priority for you? then you are welcome in the world of perfection. Bathroom Tiles consists many Tiles, its depends on your requirements that how you want to decorate your bathroom. We assure you that we will provide you every single possibility of Bathroom Tiles which are using in the world.

Lycos believe in quality and that’s our motto towards work. We are based in Morbi, India with 100k square meter plant. We export our products to more than 100 countries like USA, UK, Germany, Netherlands, Oman, Mauritania, Guatemala, Ecuador, Peru, Argentina, Chile etc with more than 12 years of experience.

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Following are premium Bathroom Tiles:

  • Ceramic Wall – Floor Tiles
  • Porcelain Wall – Floor Tiles
  • Decor Tiles
  • Glass Mosaic Tiles etc.

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For Products Inquiry Email: export@lycosceramic.com

Why Lycos Ceramic ?

Lycos is a brand whose work for quality and customers requirement. We know that there are different test of different peoples even neighbors have.

Lycos Ceramic is the experts in department which is belongs to quality. Bathroom Tiles is one of our leading Tile. The company is leading in the field of Tiles along with Sanitary ware, Faucet, Shower, Kitchen Sink and Bath accessories with modern technology. All of our products are Certified by ISO & CE. We produce always innovative products which make your bathroom beautiful and attractive. That’s why we proudly say that we know!

Conclusion :

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